Patrik Månsson

Patrik Månsson

I have led various development teams and is an experienced Scrum Master. The Agile mindset fits my personality. I have a strong belief that Agile development is an enabler to create great products.

2016 - Present

Scrum Master – Agile Coach

Currently on an interim Scrum Master assignment with Tetra Pak Carton Bottle, standing in for a Tetra Pak employee during parental leave. The assignment is ending 31 August 2019. 

In a previous assignment at Tetra Pak, Patrik was a member of the Agile transformation team driving Agile deployment. Patrik was the Scrum Master in this organization’s first successful Scrum pilot. His assignment continued as an Agile coach, helping new teams and their Scrum Masters embark Agile Product Development. 


2013 - 2015

Scrum Master

Introduced and mastered two highly skilled software development teams using Scrum as the Agile methodology. At the beginning teams were reluctant but with hard work and positive attitude he, together with his manager and the teams, turned Scrum into success.

@Ericsson Modems AB

2009 - 2013

Team Lead Software Developer

I had various roles in different teams and technologies areas such as Linux wireless LAN and Linux Kernel development often in combination with a team-leading or Scrum Master’s role. At ST-Ericsson,  also challenged with leading distributed teams. At this time my attention was drawn to the Agile methodology for product development. 




SAFe 4 Agilist


Professional Scrum Master – PSM I


What People SAy ?

Patrik's devotion and dedication to the product being developed, the team members in his team, and (maybe most) to the cooperation and glue within the team, is unique. Patrik's way of motivating and coaching, and also visualizing plans, problems, and progress really makes a difference. It has been a source of inspiration to work alongside Patrik. I'd love to get the opportunity again some time
Mats Tovesson
Project manager at Axis, New Business
I have worked with Patrik for several years. He was Team Leader at ST-Ericsson and Scrum Master at Ericsson Modems. Patrik is very good at inspire team spirit. He knows the balance between letting the individual members of the team decide and when to take charge making the team progress. He is honest, unpretentious, professional and puts the team's need before his own. I would happilly work with Patrik again.
Rickard Evertsson
System Designer at Ericsson Radio Systems
I worked with Patrik for a little more than a year at Ericsson. He joined my department as scrum master and helped out introducing scrum in the team. The team did not have any experience working together in an agile way before. With his previous experience of scrum and as a team leader Patrik did a very good job helping the team to get started with scrum. He stayed in the background and listened to the team, but stepped forward and was determined when needed. He came up with ideas and great suggestions when the team got stuck. Patrik always wants to know more. He is honest, calm, and serious but still cheerful and always ready to laugh. He is a person I gladly would work with again.
Johannes Kjällquist
Software engineer på Sigma Connectivity