The Flower Retrospective is an approach to gathering data from the team with an opportunity to give positive feedback (Kudos).

Implementation Recommendation

The Flower

1. Set stage, ask the team to relate to the last sprint, ask the team what:
• Challenges the experienced during the sprint.
• Victories or what went well during the sprint.
• Ideas for improvement they have.
• Went god, anyone in the team you want to give a flower – give Kudos!

2. Gather data, let the team generate post-it for each category and post-it on the picture.
3. Generate insight, cluster generated data and set a subject, select top 3 subjects.
4. Decide what to do, in beehives discuss the subject and write down suggestions for improvement. The whole team gathers, each beehive presents their suggestions. Together agree on 1-2 actions and who is responsible to drive the suggested improvement in next Sprint.
5. End meeting.