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Agile & Scrum Framework

Agile Testing

Agile Testing

For testers, developers and scrum masters. This book will help you succeed with testing activities within Agile development. … (click to read more)

Scrum Mastery

This book aims to define some of the traits that distinguish Scrum Masters, or Servant Leaders, that have taken the next step in their journey… (click to read more)

Agile Product Management with Scrum

A recipe to increase chances to succeed in a Product Owner role is certainly to read this book… (click to read more)

Leadership & Team Development

Turn the Ship Around!

The message is really clear: Control can be achieved without command, and even better so. This bottom-up approach to achieving excellent control on a nuclear submarine …

The Fearless Organization

Fear, in various forms, is probably the biggest obstacle for high performance in teams. Creating psychological safety, means removing fear… (click to read more)

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Trying get your team to high performance? Then, this book is a prerequisite to read… (click to read more)

Lean Product Development

The Lean Startup

Are you an entrepreneur targeting successful innovations? In a Startup or within a large company? … (click to read more)

The Principles of Product Development FLOW

With product development in medium to large organizations it will always be essential to work actively with flow optimization, within and cross teams… (click to read more)

Agile Transformation

Implementing Beyond Budgeting

The essence of this great book is about how the very common tight coupling of company targets, forecast and resource allocation prohibits agility and speed… (click to read more)


Through large surveys and data collection from start-ups to large enterprises, using rigorous academic research methods, this book statistically proves… (click to read more)

Change Management


This book is a brilliant recipe for change management. The approach is that you need to address change from three angles. These being derived from a beautiful metaphor; the elephant, the driver and the path.

The Catalyst

It´s well known that it can be hard to change people´s (and thus organisations) opinions, mindset and way of working. However, the understanding of why… (click to read more)