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Vi välkomnar Minna Gedin

Idag välkomnar vi Minna Gedin till MEQIFY. Minna har mer än 10 års erfarenhet av #agila arbetssätt. Nu kan vi hjälpa ännu fler kunder att möta kraven på flexibilitet och snabbhet genom att arbeta bättre tillsammans.
Scrum guide 2020 vs 2017 comparison

The Scrum guide 2020 vs 2017 comparison

Since chapters has changed and been moved its hard to understand what has been updated. We made this side by side comparion based on the 2020-version with their 2017 counterparts. We will in coming articles analyze how this impacts Hardware companies. Links will be added when the analyses are published.
Scrum guide 2020 hardware the foundations

Scrum Guide 2020 vs 2017 Part 1: The Foundations (from a hardware perspective)

At MEQIFY we have long experience of applying Scrum and other agile frameworks outside of the pure software industry. We have developed specific expertise and good practices for usage of Scrum in Hardware. We are now co-authoring this series to give you our collective insights on the effect on manufacturing companies and Hardware design companies.

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“Jonas Harris is a very genuine and reliable person to work with. He is knowledgeable in the agile manifesto principles and have good capabilities in taking it from theories into practice.”

“Jonas Harris and Thomas Mattsson from MEQIFY have been working together with our management team (CBGT) to coach us through our transition to an Agile way of working. They have done this in a very competent and professional way, which has enabled us to succesfully deploy Scrum throughout our organisation.”