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Stefan Magnusson – How I got involved in Agile hardware

My story of how i came to be ended up in Agile hardware at MEQIFY. Why could I not just be happy with the status quo?
Sophie Triggs-Ramm - How I became an Agile Coach

How do I become an Agile Coach?

I am often asked this question. Sorry to tell you the bad news first, but there is no set path to becoming an Agile Coach. Let me tell you my story and you will learn that there are various ways to become an Agile Coach.

Sven’s agile journey at Ericsson

This is Sven's story about his agile journey at Ericsson: There we were in 2006: hundreds of software engineers at Ericsson, entering unknown territory. We didn’t have any maps, but we had our battle cry: “Let’s run some projects!”, and an insatiable market. Our normal way of navigating couldn’t help us here. Instead, it was like our naïvety and unexperience actually facilitated a solution!