Insights and deep-dives from our employees about Agile and Scrum

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Bureaucracy in business: how to fight it and thrive at work

Where does bureaucracy in business come from and what does it mean? What's the link between bureaucratic design and a typical 'transformation programme'? Understand how to break down bureaucracy, avoid it and improve work.

Create a community of practice for a better workplace

A community of practice brings together people in an organisation to share knowledge. Here we share our knowledge and explore a first-hand experience establishing a successful Agile delivery community of practice. If you are wondering how one might help you and how you might create one, read on.
Scrum guide 2020 vs 2017 comparison

The Scrum guide 2020 vs 2017 comparison from a Hardware perspective

Since chapters has changed and been moved its hard to understand what has been updated. We made this side by side comparion based on the 2020-version with their 2017 counterparts. We will in this series analyze how this impacts Hardware companies.