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Create a community of practice for a better workplace

A community of practice brings together people in an organisation to share knowledge. Here we share our knowledge and explore a first-hand experience establishing a successful Agile delivery community of practice. If you are wondering how one might help you and how you might create one, read on.

Sven’s agile journey at Ericsson

This is Sven's story about his agile journey at Ericsson: There we were in 2006: hundreds of software engineers at Ericsson, entering unknown territory. We didn’t have any maps, but we had our battle cry: “Let’s run some projects!”, and an insatiable market. Our normal way of navigating couldn’t help us here. Instead, it was like our naïvety and unexperience actually facilitated a solution!

Referensuppdrag, Teamarbete i offentlig verksamhet

Lantmäteriet hade påbörjat att organisera sig i mindre grupper för att stimulera teamarbete och en övergång till en systemtänkande organisation. MEQIFY fick uppdraget att inspirera teamen att formulera sina målsättningar och hitta arbetssätt och verktyg som stöd för deras vidare utveckling.