Case Study Packaging Material

Scaling Agile operations from Agile teams to Program and Portfolio levels, with focus on delivering early value to customers, to obtain fast feedback and improve responsiveness. Improving organisational output through setting up Agile Programs for Sustainablility, Quality and Differentiation areas within the field of Packaging Material.


The Packaging Material organisation at Tetra Pak, was in need to transform it´s operations, towards a more innovative faster paced approach. To do this they decided to work with an Agile Coach, Jonas Harris, from MEQIFY. A transformation team was formed, co-lead by Jonas and a Tetra Pak employee, training and coaching the first few Scrum Team pilots. When observing successful development of those Agile teams, the next step was to scale Agile, inspired by the SAFe framework, but still in a pragmatic way merge with Tetra Pak operations. Three Agile Programs was formed, including launch of total 14 Scrum Teams. Jonas was embedded in the three Program Teams to coach them stepwise in maturity, while deploying scaled methodologies such as Portfolio management, Program Backlogs and PI Planning.


“Jonas Harris is a very genuine and reliable person to work with. He is knowledgeable in the agile manifesto principles and have good capabilities in taking it from theories into practice.
It has been a pleasure to have him onboard in delivering towards our agile transformation journey within Tetra Pak Development & Engineering organisation, where his contribution has played an important role both in the success of growing maturity level both in agile teams and programmes, as well in developing agile working principles and guidelines for the use of the organisation.”

Carina Rydén Pettersson,
Director Packaging Material Programme,
Development & Engineering, Tetra Pak