Case Study Video Surveillance

A global leader in Video Surveillance Solutions wanted to increase value and speed in deliveries of core parts in their R&D, in order to meet increasing market demands. Through setting up an Agile Program that deployed backlog management and visualisation of Work-in-Progress (WIP) principles.


The Firmware Organization at Axis Communications AB wanted to establish an agile program structure to create alignment for their development teams.

The assignment included understanding the wanted outcomes followed by the implementation of an initial organizational structure, roles, and ways of working for a program of six teams.

A light-weight program structure was created to increase the value and speed of deliveries.

To manage value a unified backlog with a two levels hierarchy was implemented. Combining a structured way of prioritization with transparency improved stakeholder management through ceremonies to ensure opportunities for regular and fast feedback.

To increase time to value a framework for limiting and visualizing work-in-progress on program level was implemented.

The Program Practices implemented were influenced by principles from Agile Portfolio Management found in frameworks such as Scrum@Scale and SAFe but aligned with the definitions of program management at Axis.


“I had the pleasure of having Sven as my interim program manager for an internal Axis program during about eight months. Sven handled the assignment great and exceeded my already high expectations. He has the ability to manage developers, architects and managers at all levels. He excels in agile methodologies, has great networking and social skills and quickly gets a grip of the technology. I give Sven my highest recommendation and hope to work more with him in the future.”

Jonas Falk
R&D Director Firmware Platform
Axis Communications AB