Case Study Packages & Filling Machines

A world leading company in the food industry, developing new Packages and updating filling machines in the field at an increased pace. Increasing employee motiviation through launching innovative cross-functional empowered Scrum teams with clear mandate to deliver value to customers.


In order to improve effectiveness in product development as well as to improve employee motivation, Tetra Pak Carton Bottle & Gable Top in 2014, decided to hire Jonas Harris as an external consultant with senior experience of deploying agile frameworks at telecommunication provider Ericsson. Jonas was leading the pilot teams as Scrum Master together with Thomas Matsson as Product Owner. Jonas lead the transformation team activities in collaboration with Tetra Pak employees, in a stepwise approach to reach 15 Scrum Teams, 3 Program Teams and 200 engineers transformed into the Agile operations, during a 2 year period. Employee motivation was clearly improved in employee satisfaction surveys. Effectiveness of delivering new or updated products to customers was also on a clear and steady positive curve.


”Jonas Harris and Thomas Mattsson from MEQIFY have been working together with our management team (CBGT) to coach us through our transition to an Agile way of working. They have done this in a very competent and professional way, which has enabled us to succesfully deploy Scrum throughout our organisation. We can highly recommend them to other companies who are considering moving towards Agile frameworks such as Scrum”

Bengt Andersson,
Director Programme Management Office,
Carton Bottle and Gable Top, Tetra Pak