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Elevating Hardware with Agile

Do you believe in the transformative power of agility for hardware development? Then you’ve landed in the right place – “Scrum of Things” is your doorway to unlocking the potential of “Scrum for Hardware.”

Drawing from decades of experience as scrum masters within hardware design, mechatronics and manufacturing, we are excited to share insights and experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

Why Scrum for Hardware?

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, competitiveness in hardware design, mechatronics and manufacturing hinges on innovation and adaptability. Traditional approaches fall short in these dynamic environments. Agile, adaptable, and rooted in collaboration, it’s not just for software — it’s a game-changer for hardware projects, propelling you ahead and exceeding customer expectations.

The Scrum of Things Community Mission

The mission for Scrum of Things community is to be a hub for:

  1. Guides: Explore expertly crafted guides on scrum adapted for hardware as our appreciated recipes in the Scrum of Things cookbook.
  2. Real-Life Stories: Stories from practical implementations from several industries where hardware development using scrum were successfully deployed.
  3. Practical Tools: Access templates simplifying your scrum for hardware implementation.
  4. Community: Join agile practitioners, developers, and engineers in vibrant discussions.
  5. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on agile and hardware trends, ensuring you’re at the forefront of industry developments.

Join the Hardware Agility Revolution

Join the world of “Scrum of Things” where innovation knows no limits, and success is achieved one sprint at a time. Unleash agile’s power in hardware design, shaping a more adaptable future for mechatronics and manufacturing industries.

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