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Line Manager

Guides and supports, fostering professional growth


  • Being a servant leader, supporting Scrum teams with impediments wherever needed
  • Leading Community of Practice (competence network) in the line area of competence
  • Competence development of co-workers
  • Long term career development and coaching of co-workers
  • Wellbeing and motivation, in collaboration with Scrum Masters
  • Part of Agile transformation and continuous improvement
  • Leader/owner of technology/product/process development processes
  • Participating as technical stakeholder in sprint reviews where relevant
  • Legal manager responsibility of employees
  • Recruitment and retainment of employees

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Scrum Master

Discover the essential responsibilities of a Scrum Master. Facilitating success and fostering collaboration as a servant-leader.

Product Owner

What makes a great Product Owner? Like a gourmet chef, here are the essential ingredients to maximising product value.

Sprint Review

This recipe will guide you to prepare and cook a good Sprint Review. It´s all about sharing results and conclusions, receiving feedback and getting well aligned with your stakeholders. Prepare service, serve it fresh and get happy customers!

About The Scrum of Things Cookbook

Our cookbook is a guide on Scrum like no other. We want others to be able to easily learn about and try out Agile ways of working and so created the idea of a cookbook; a fun way to be guided through the essentials.

Sprint Retrospective

The Sprint Retrospective is for the Scrum Team to look back on how working in the sprint went and decide together if and how to improve.

Sprint Planning

Just like cooking a delicious meal, Sprint Planning requires preparation, collaboration, and attention to detail. In this recipe you learn how to effectively plan a sprint.

Product Backlog

The Product Backlog encompasses the value you want to deliver. It should entice your stakeholders' taste buds and inspire the team to serve up the value!

Daily Scrum

Like a good breakfast, the Daily is a vital part of every working day. Read our recipe to making your Daily truly scrumptious!