Product Owner

Represent the customer, define the product, make decisions


The Product artisan! The Product Owner’s recipe for success lies in:

Infusing the Product with Value

The Product Owner is accountable for maximising the value of the Development Team‘s work, therefore they must provide a clear Product Vision for the team to follow and high-level plan so that the team and stakeholders are aligned.  Good product and technology knowledge allows a Product Owner to take true ownership of the product.

Whipping up a gourmet Product Backlog

The Product Owner owns and is responsible for the effective management of the Product Backlog. Representing the needs of stakeholders in each Product Backlog Item, they refine them continuously with Stakeholders and the Development Team. The Product Owner is responsible for prioritising the items, clarifying them and ensuring they are understood. In prioritising, the focus is on doing the things that add the most value to the product.

An open kitchen for transparency

The Product Owner needs to maintain a high degree of transparency in order to gain trust, respect and foster good communication and collaboration. They are a critical link between the Development Team and Stakeholders, needing strong communication skills.

Keeps the pantry stocked

The Product Owner is usually responsible for managing resources and people; for forecasting and following up on budgets, and listening to the resource needs of the team to act on them as necessary.

Stances to thrive

Product Owners can adopt difference stances to achieve their goal:

  • Visionary: Communicating the product vision, strategy, and business goals
  • Collaborator: Defining goals with the Development Team
  • Decision Maker: Making daily decisions
  • Experimenter: Trying new approaches
  • Influencer: Advocating for the product

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